Episode Two - Countdown at the Courthouse Part 1

And so it was that Xu’ukra, Roac, Blood of Coac, and Gimble found themselves in the courtroom in a courthouse, when they had been sleeping in the Running Monk Tavern after the attack by the mysterious assassins in said tavern. They were joined by Skylee, who had been put in jail after being arrested for stealing the ancestral sword of the Iturla family.

However, joining them in the jury box was Occisor Shepard, a human fighter from Llorbauth and Danifae, a human sorceress. Each of our heroes had visions upon awakening in the courtroom. Those six individuals sat in the front row of the jury box. Sitting behind them was the orc Halgrak Five-Toes, gnome bard Ebin Blithoddle, human female Patrissa Vrakes, human male Killian Paltreth, hobgoblin gang leader Malgrim Hurkes, and human male paladin Sir Rekkart Cole.

Through conversation and questions, our heroes discovered that they were located in the old courthouse located in Beldrin’s Bluff, a part of the Heights district in Llorbauth. They had been brought together on the 10th anniversary of the trial and subsequent death of Jarbin Mord, former executioner for the kingdom of Erlkazar. The courthouse was haunted by the spirit of Mord and had already killed and destroyed one adventuring group that had set out to send his soul to the Abyss. Discussions with the strangers led the merry band to believe that Mord had been framed in the death of his beautiful wife and young son.

Choosing to look into leaving the courthouse, the group first entered the great hall. Soon, Danifae worked on breaking some of the boards over the boarded up windows in a desire to leave and the others spoke for a bit, trying to decide what to do. Then, Malgrim lit a cigar and dared the group to challenge him, and when they didn’t entered the room across the hall from the courtroom they had been in. After he entered, the doors slammed close behind him. Screaming was heard, then a sick gurgling sound. The doors opened and Malgrim’s feet were seen by Xu’ukra and Roac, hanging in midair with blood dripping from them onto the floor below. Looking closer, they noticed Malgrim hanging from the ceiling by a spiked chain.

They left him behind and decided to go ahead and explore the courthouse and try to find the answers to the death of Jarbin Mord. They walked up the stairs and entered the barrister’s lounge. The group noticed stairs that led upwards, a door connecting to another room, and an icebox. Looking in the icebox, they noticed a large jar filled with formaldehyde and nearly 10 object that looked like green toes. They chose to walk through the door in the room, where a giant leech detached itself from the ceiling and attacked Occisor. A group effort killed the leech, leaving the group to explore the adjoining room. In the barrister’s offices, they finally discovered several red scarves made of Calishite silk, several debtor’s vouchers (some signed by Halgrak), and a buyer’s receipt for a necklace of 12 fire opals. Everyone quickly realized that the necklace matched one that was worn by Patrissa.

Walking down a hallway on the second floor, the group entered another room. Within the room was two separate closets. Opening the first, the group was attacked by the undead form of a bailiff. It began choking Xu’ukra, and again it took a group effort to kill the bailiff. As they were exploring the closets, the bailiff rose again, and Xu’ukra and Roac were so scared they ran away.

Xu’ukra and Roac split when they got downstairs. Roac found sanctuary in the garderobes (nearly falling in when he entered). Xu’ukra continued running to the next room, where he was nearly attacked by an undead hound. Leaving there, he found himself a garderobes for sanctuary.

Meanwhile, Gimble, Skylee, Occisor, and Danifae killed the bailiff two more times before leaving that room behind (but not before taking a number of items from the closets). As they were about to walk downstairs, they found Ebin sitting on the floor facing away from them, sawing away at something. Soon, he turned around with the bloody stump of his tongue in his hand. He smiled madly at them, stood up, and slapped Gimble on the face with his tongue and Occisor on his stomach. Xu’ukra kicked Ebin, shoving him into the wall, snapping his neck and killing him.

The four continued down until they discovered Halgrak sitting in the chambers of Judge Silman Trabe. A book flew across the room and landed on Trabe’s desk. Halgrak sat on the floor with a needle and thread. He cut off his thumb and tried to sew it onto his left foot, which didn’t have any toes on it. He kept babbling over and over about how he had to save his children, and how he owed money and was blackmailed into finding Mord guilty. It was now that Roac and Xu’ukra rejoined their new friends.

Going back upstairs, they walked up the stairs in the barrister’s lounge. The stairs led to the attic apartment of Jarbin Mord and his family. The shadowy figure of a woman detached itself from the wall to attack the group and a small group of wooden toys animated to attack them as well, but our heroes stopped the shadow very quickly. Searching the room, they found a knitting needle with dried blood on it, the keys to the lock for the iron doors leading out of the courthouse, a meager amount of money, and ten red scarves made of Calishite silk, like the ones found in the desk in the barrister’s offices.

Deciding the finish searching the second floor and walked up the final stairwell on the floor. Roac got up onto the floor of the belfry when the hatch closed behind him. He was attacked by a ghoul-stirge, which nearly killed him before his new companions saved him.

Desiring rest, they returned to the courtroom where they placed the knitting needle on the evidence table, but not before some of the mosaic on the ceiling fell to below onto the table (and Roac). And then the executioner’s axe flew from the evidence table and embedded itself in the jury box.

Extensive questioning of Patrissa got her to admit that they had framed Jarbin Mord, but only in innocence and genuine error, and had not intended to send him to his death. Further, she vowed to help our intrepid adventurers find the conspirators behind “this evil frame-up!” However, she had no answer for how, or why, Alistir Wade had purchased the fire opal necklace and why she was wearing one now. However, she seemed to be changing her tune some as she realized that Malgrim, Ebin, and Halgrak were dead, or quickly losing their mind. Her silence spoke volumes…

Episode One - Tangled Up in Blue Blankets

Skylee, a female half-elven rogue, was desperate to find a fence to get rid of her latest stolen treasure, the ancestral longsword of the Iturla family. Naamir Iturla, hero of the wars against the Starrock goblin tribes of 1358 DR, was thanked by King Valon for his duties with a knighthood as well as having been given a small plot of land in the hamlet of Aston’s Point. Skylee took the sword to her normal fence, who told her that the sword was too hot and known to too many people for him to get rid of it. He told Skylee that she should go meet Uzra Iyoane at the Running Monk tavern in Llorbauth.

Xu’ukra and Roac, Blood of Coac, a male half-orc monk and a male shield dwarf paladin of Clangeddin Silverbeard, were in Aston’s Point when the heist occurred. They came across Naamir a day after Skylee’s act. He fairly begged Xu’ukra and Roac to hunt down the thief, and gave them as much of a description of the thief as he could: that the thief was female, tall and lithe though with ample curves, that she wore a mask that covered much of her face. Naamir finally mentioned to Xu’ukra and Roac that the closest fence would could move his sword would be found in Llorbauth.

And so Skylee and Xu’ukra and Roac made their ways to Llorbauth, one day separating them. Meanwhile, Gimble, a male gnome bard, had been in Llorbauth for some time. He, as well as his master, Maestro Tola Bebin, were performing at the Running Monk Tavern. Gimble was preparing for his first solo performance and was getting anxious.

Theskal, a male elven druid, traveled to Llorbauth to find the bard Tola Bebin along with his family. The elven family, from the Shilmista Forest, were seeking out lost lore involving their family and knew that Maestro Bebin was an expert on elven history of the Lands of Intrigue.

Skylee made it to Llorbauth first, and found the Running Monk Tavern. She spoke to Megol Mieran, the tavernkeeper of the Running Monk. She found out that Uzra was gone for the day and would be back the following one. So Skylee made the most of the day, spending it becoming familiar with the layout of Llorbauth, the streets and alleys, so if she needed to make an escape, she could quickly and competently.

Xu’ukra and Roac arrived in Llorbauth the following day. They discovered where the Running Monk was and went there immediately. Tola and Gimble were on the stage, tuning instruments and preparing for the night’s performance, which was to be Gimble’s first solo performance. Skylee had met with Uzra, who told Skylee that she could get rid of Iturla’s sword, but it would take a couple of days, that she couldn’t guarantee Skylee how much she could get for the sword, and that her fee for moving the sword was 20%. Skylee agreed and then hid the sword in her room (underneath her mattress), setting up a number of minor traps and other distractions that would notify Skylee if anyone entered her room, or grabbed the sword.

Tola left Gimble behind, telling him that he had some personal business to take care of. He also told Gimble not to begin his performance until he could speak to him one last time. And thus, Gimble, Xu’ukra and Roac were left alone. The three of them were talking in the backstage area, where Xu’ukra and Roac told Gimble of their desire to talk to his master about where to find a fence that could move a famous sword. It was Xu’ukra who noticed that Skylee had moved closer to listen to their conversation. Skylee tried to bluff Xu’ukra, though to no avail. She then decided to reacquaint herself with the city, and left the tavern. Their conversation done, Gimble, Xu’ukra and Roac decided to travel the city as well. Theskal followed them, and traveled with them when Xu’ukra noticed that he was following them.

They returned shortly before Gimble’s performance. Skylee had arrived earlier and was waiting for the performance along with the rest of the crowd that had formed. Gimble got ready and waited for his master. And waited. And waited. Soon, it was 15 minutes later than his when his performance was to start. Then 20. Then a half hour. Megol asked what the problem was, and Gimble told him that he was waiting on his master to speak to him one last time. Megol replied that his master had left the tavern shortly before the top of the hour to meet someone.

As nervous as Gimble was, he decided the show must go on. His performance lasted an hour and a half, and was well-received by all. After he finished changing clothes he spent a few minutes receiving the accolades of the crowd when someone rushed in and said that something was happening in the nearby alley.

Skylee, Xu’ukra, Roac, Gimble and Theskal ran out of the tavern and towards the alley. They saw Tola in the alley as he was being attacked by two shadow creatures. The ethereal creatures flew into Tola’s chest and out his back in a spray of blood and gore. The shadows then flew into the walls of the alley and disappeared. The five rushed to the body of Tola and each knew that he was dead. Tola’s body seemed thin and desiccated, as if drained of body fluids. They also noticed two small holes in Tola’s neck.

The city guard came to investigate the apparent murder. They took the body away after speaking to everyone. The five went inside the tavern and Xu’ukra asked a few questions of the man who found Tola in the alley initially. Unfortunately however, Xu’ukra intimidated the man so much he fainted.

Later that evening, as they were asleep, Skylee heard someone in her room. She barely managed to evade the attack of an unknown assailant and then attacked her enemy, killing them. She quickly grabbed her belongings, including the sword, and put on her mask, intending to escape.

Meanwhile, Xu’ukra also woke up as someone was trying to attack him. He quickly vanquished the villian trying to kill him and went into the hall. He saw enemies entering every room on the floor, as well as the thief that Naamar Iturla had described as having stolen his sword. The thief (Skylee) tried to escape by jumping down the stairs. However, the thief turned and sprained her ankle badly. Xu’ukra caught up to her and tied her up with some silk rope, though doing a poor job.

Roac was also attacked and beat his assailant. He entered the hall and went to the next door where he heard noise. It was Theskal’s room. Theskal was under attack and could not escape off of his bed. He legs got caught in the bedsheets as he twisted to and fro. Roac tried to assist Theskal and attacked feebly numerous times before finally killing the one attacking Theskal. Gimble was under attack as well, and after being struck twice in combat, managed to kill the warrior fighting him.

Skylee escaped the bindings of Xu’ukra and jumped down to the floor of the tavern, twisting her ankle again. As she was writhing in pain, Xu’ukra knocked her out and then proceeded to tie her up. After he was done with that, Xu’ukra took the mask off, discovering that the thief of the Iturla sword was none other than Skylee herself.

In all, 11 people died that night in the Running Monk tavern. The only five visitors to the tavern to survive were Skylee, Xu’ukra, Roac, Gimble, and Theskal. The assailants to everyone were dressed in dark, skintight clothing. Also, their faces were painted a stark white, and painted on their necks were two small red dots. In Uzra’s room, the city guard found a small bit of blood on the floor of her room, Tola Bebin’s personal road journal, and a silver pin of a crescent moon and a harp, which was now tarnished and covered in blood. As for Uzra, her whereabouts are unknown…

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