Occisor Shepard

A Warlord Who Thinks Himself A Good Man


Occisor Shepard is a young man of 20 who stands in at 6’1", with an athletic frame that shows of a young life time of hard work and training for battle. While usually wearing a helmet that covers his visage, underneath hides a young looking face with black hair and midnight blue eyes. Though usually hidden under his clothing and his black scale mail armor lies a pair of long dual scars that stretch from his mid back and end at his shoulders.

AttributesSTR: 20, DEX: 17, CON: 18, INT: 16, WIS: 15, CHA: 14

Skills – Craft: Weaponsmithing 1, Diplomacy 1, Intimidate 2, Knowledge: Engineering 1, Knowledge: Local 1, Perception 2, Survival 2, Climb 1, Swim 1

Feats – Intimidation Prowess, Overhand Chop, Weapon Focus: Slashing, Power Attack

Saving Throws – Fortitude: +7, Reflex: +3, Will: +2

Languages: Common, Elven, Orc, Dwarven, Chondathan

Human, Size: M, Gender: male, Age: 20, Height: 6’1", Weight: 180, Hair: Black, Eyes: Midnight Blue, Speed: 30 ft, HP: 33, Base Attack Bonus: +2


Early Life

Born 20 years ago to two young guardsmen by the name of Seri Spiritus and Otus Shepard, Occisor gained many early whispers upon birth when the doctors that pulled him from the womb noticed along his back a pair of deep scars that perplexed them upon their origin. Though having a normal happy young childhood, more whispers began to be heard as his visage began to differ from his parents; gaining raven black hair that seemed to disallow light from escaping while his parents were both blonde, midnight blue and almost black eyes while his mother’s was green and his father’s were blue. But aside from that everyone that knew Occisor grew to know him as a kind young person with a bright smile, calm demeanor and a sharp brain, though a bit shy at times. But even among that, still some whispered..

Service To His Country

Though always near the tops of his classes for his studies as well as always doing well in athletics, Occisor looked to have a promising future ahead of him, but he surprised his parents by enrolling in the local military in what he felt he needed to do his duty first to his country before anything else. Though they weren’t for it, they new from an early age that once Occisor set his sites on something that it would be hard to talk him out of it as they gave him their blessing to do so and prayed for his safety as loving parents would do. Though they still used their reputation and positions in society to ensure Occisor’s safety in more cushy positions away from danger where his natural talents and abilities would have helped the most. While away serving his country, his parents gave birth to another child, a small girl named Kara. A young girl who everyone fell in love with instantly and returned him ten times over, and without whispers as she truly looked like her parent’s daughter.

During Occisor’s work in the military, whispers started up again, but this time in his methods of war and the extent he went to in protecting his country and winning. The methods he took in killing, something using torture and sometimes using threats that made those working with him pause took many by surprise as it did not seem to be in his character at all, let alone his family’s. Occisor always explained that the ends justified the means as saving lives of many of his own people was worth any sort of sacrifice on the enemy’s end. Many did not approve of his methods, but many more understood why he did it. During this time in service to his country, Occisor gained a small grouping of friends who daily worked together and watched each other’s backs like brothers and eventually formed a little group all to themselves going by the name of Mortis Metallum. Though they saw little action, they always worked well together to get the job done.

Once Occisor finished up his service to his country and graduated he returned back home where his parents welcomed him with open arms and presenting him with a new greatsword to commerate the occassion while his little sister gave him a handmade leather bracelet that he could wear under the armor of his gloves. Though unsure of what to do with his life from here, he’s searching for either the next path or the next great adventure.

Iltheene Ascarth

Iltheene Ascarth, an heiress of noble blood and a strong warrior at heart met Occisor when both were just children when Occisor’s parents would accompany and protect the Ascarth family during diplomatic trade missions in nearby countries. Though rougher around the edges than the more reserved Occisor, the two became quick friends and would often be seen in each other’s company even when it was not apart of official family business and even joined the military at the same time despite the best wishes of Iltheene’s mother (though she still supported Iltheene despite the act). Many whispers followed the two that this friendship was more but the two never said, and became a massive shock when the two had a falling out over reason many speculate on but few know the details of. All that everyone does know is that Iltheene now is stationed elsewhere while Occisor is at home with a letter marked by ink and tears.

The Further Adventures Of Occisor
Over the years that passed, and Occisor’s name, fame and power grew. Many asked if he was truly the villain of his story, and if so, was he always the villain or was he turned stemming from his many run-in’s with Death’s Dark Disciple, Thanos, or with the Mad GodKing, Sin Deagus. Some say he was just a figure of misunderstanding, that what he did and what he became was something he had to do for the greater good. The true answers though are only known by Occisor and those closest to him.

Occisor Shepard

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