Aiman “Knight” Amir was a human adventurer from the area known as Erlkazar. He had traveled through and through from Icewind Dale to Calimshan and back. In one of his trips he was badly wounded and ended up in a small village outside the outskirts of Five Spears Hold. There he was brought back from near death by some villagers and as a repayment for the help, he decided to stay a while helping the villagers prepare for the upcoming winter. In that village he met Skylah Elena, the daughter of an old adventurer that was killed in the Crusades. Throughout the time that Aiman spent in the village helping the villagers, he also spent time getting to know Skylah. After the winter was done, he confessed his love for her and the two decided to marry.

A year later Skylee was born. She had her father’s hair and eyes, while gracing her mother’s graceful features.

A year and a half passed…

Entering the fall, cold winds blew to the east as the sun set on the west. On this particular evening, the winds have been colder than usual. A dread feeling that the wind carried could be felt by those who had learned to adapt to your surroundings and read the wind as a messenger. Aiman, and other fighters in the village knew something was going to happen.

That night the men prepared for trouble. Women and children hid in their homes praying to their Gods and magical items for safety for them and their men. But nothing could have prepared them for what was coming.

Just fifteen minutes after the two bells mark when suddenly a large explosion occurred in the east section of the village. Then explosions on the northwest and south rocked the villagers hard. They did not know what was going on.

Fire arrows were seen too late as they landed on top of houses and huts inside the village. With all the commotion and panic, the attackers made their move! While wizards started casting globe of darkness all around the area, enveloping the majority of the villager’s fighters, rogues sneaked in silently to kill and ransack the town.

When the commotion ended, the village was burned to the ground and all the fighters were dead or fatally wounded. The women and children that survived where brought to the east entrance of the village. There a man with a blood red cape waited inside a wagon pulled by magical beings. The man seemed to float of the wagon and stood in front of the line of women and children. His feet seemed like they never touched the ground. His body was completely covered in this cape and his face hidden by a hood of the same color. He extended his right hand out of the cape. Even with the light of the fires and lanterns, and even the rising sun, inside the cape it looked like it was complete darkness. Only his hand was seen as he pointed to Skylah, who was kneeling in a corner crying and holding Skylee tightly on her chest. Skylee was crying as loud as she could, but when Skylah saw this man’s finger pointing square between her eyes, she felt like she was in a void. One of the wizards grabbed Skylee out of her mother’s arms. The man in the cape floated back into his fancy wagon as the remaining survivors were killed.

A ranger grabbed Skylee out of her mother’s arms as a wizard brought the woman to the wagon. Skylah tried resisting, but it was a futile attempt. When we was brought to the wagon to face the man in the red cape, she felt he life was slipping away from the pores on her body, a feeling that she had never felt before.

The caped man spoke to her, “Where is your husband? Where is Aiman!”

Skylah felt like she was frozen in time after hearing that screech coming from the man’s mouth. She didn’t dare to look at him, much less answer.

“Where is Aiman?!” The man asked one more time. Skylah only managed to whisper the words, “I…don’t…know…”

The caped man just turned his head as he waved his arm signaling to dismiss the woman. Two seconds after the wave, the wizard pulled Skylah away from the caped man’s presence. He looked at her straight into her eyes and laid a finger on her left breast. Skylah started shivering and slowly turned into a statue of ice.

The only survivor of this entire ordeal was Skylee, still being held by that ranger. The man in the blood red cape signaled to the ranger and he approached slowly, holding the baby girl in his arms.

“Has a body being found?” The caped man screeched.

“Not yet sir. I think he ran away. None of the rangers have found his remains between the dead here.” The ranger responded confidently.

The caped man took his arm out and buried his chin in his hand. “Bring the girl. If he does not come for her, she will serve as a great sacrifice for our God.”

The ranger nodded as he smirked knowingly.

The caped man waved his hand again and a fixture to hold the baby girl, Skylee, appeared next to him inside the wagon. The ranger laid the girl in it and left to help the other clean up and bag the spoils.

Aiman watched from afar hiding in the nearby woods. “I can’t believe that they tracked me here! This poor people, I’ve forsaken them! My only option is to go back to the clan.” He thought regretfully. “I wanted to be out of this! Why have I been betrayed?!”

Half a day had passed before Aiman went back to the village, now burned ruins. He looked around and found the body of his beloved Skylah. He wept like a baby when he saw her lifeless body. He gave her a proper burial at their favorite spot inside the woods nearby. This was the same spot where he confessed her love to her carving their names in a tree. The tree where they use to sit at the start of dusk and watch the stars between the leaves on the giant crowns on the trees that surround that spot in the woods, with the gentle winds caressing their skin. The place where they first kissed. All those memories running back to him as he buried the body of one women he adored more than anything in the world. And now he knew that it was time to do everything he could to rescue the other one, his daughter Skylee.

Aiman walked back to the burned ruins of the village at the start of dusk that day. He looked around at some of the bodies of the rangers, rogues and wizards that were killed for weapons and supplies that might help him survive his trek to the Temple of Krolia.

The Krolias are a secret society, which Aiman used to be a part of, that consists of treasure and bounty hunters. Even though most bounty hunters were merciless, the Krolias were very lawful. Every time they would capture a bounty that was going to be killed, the Krolias would agree to take prisoner as theirs and for 75% of the offered bounty. The Krolias justice system was very simple, you serve as a slave until you learn the value of life. After a year or more, depending on how long it would take you to appreciate the life of others, you would have a chance to join the ranks. As a Krolia, members are bound to a strict code of honor in which it states that you shall not kill another human in other than self defense. If a member strayed away from this code, he would be disbanded from the Krolias and killed on the spot for breaking the only rule.

Aiman was an integral member of the Krolias, but when he found Skylah, he decided it was time to settle down. His companions understood and let him quit the band on his own free will.

As Aiman searched the bodies of the dead for supplies and clues, his mind raced with thoughts of betrayal. He wondered if the current leader, his friend, Mykael Malaikat, was the reason why he was betrayed. Mykael did not want Aiman to quit and thought that him leaving the Krolias was his biggest mistake. He remember the last words that came out of Mykael’s mouth as he walked out of the temple… “You will regret this, Aiman! One day… One day…”

“Was this occurrence Mykael’s doing? Or is something worse afoot?”

All this thoughts clouded Aiman’s mind as he prepared. “Only one way to find out…”

Aiman set out at dawn’s first light heading north. The village was a couple of miles away from what is called The Deepwash. That was Aiman’s first target. Once he reached the Deepwash, he trailed the coast heading northwest. Once he found himself at Impresk Lake, he found a way to cross the lake eastward. The Temple of Krolia was under the ruins of some older temple at the center of Shining Plains. The old temple were some Dark Elves would come to worship Lolth when they came to hunt their cousins on the surface. This temple was raided hundreds of years ago and the entrance to the cave where the Dark Elves found their way to the outside was closed.

Aiman reached the Temple of Krolia 4 days after setting out from the burned village. As he walked into the main room, all of the new recruits looked in awe as the ‘Legendary’ Aiman Knight walked across the main hall.

Vanyel, one of his oldest friends, and now leader of the Krolia, spotted him and ran to welcome him. “AIMAN! AIIIIMAAAN!” He yelled from the farthest side of the hall as he ran towards the warrior.

“Vanyel! What a surprised! I thought that by now you would have retired, like me.” Aiman greeted.

“Never, my old friend! My life is here, my home is here. There is nothing for me outside of these walls other than adventure and treasure!” Vanyel replied. “It is a surprised to see you here. Why are you here?” He continued.

“Mykael.” Aiman responded firmly. “Something has happened and for some reason I think that he is responsible.”

Vanyel eyed Aiman curiously. “You do know that Mykael was killed, right?”

“What?!” Aiman yelled surprised.

“Yeah. Not long after you left. I think it was like 4 months, to be exact.” Vanyel replied. “Well, let’s go into my quaters. This will be a long conversation and you must be exhausted from your trip.

As both of them enjoyed a meal, Vanyel told the story about Mykael.

“So we encountered a bounty head. The perp was an old man, or so he seemed. He had a blood red cloak, long beard and decrepit features. Mykael took a squadron of our best to capture him. Apparently he was a dangerous one and he didn’t want to take the risk of losing the large amount of money that was offered. As they approached the home of the old man, an explosion rocked the group to the ground. The old man walked out from the flames and in one fell swoop he killed most of Mykael’s group. Mykael and the old man fought in a battle to the death. Finally Mykael managed to stab him on the chest, but apparently that was that the man wanted. As Mykael got close, the old man grabbed the amulet part of the amulet that Myke carried and the old man became a living shadow. I guess the stories about the Scion Amulet are true and this guy is out to find the remaining pieces.”

Aiman was in awe after hearing the story. “Now I understand why they attacked the village! They’re looking for the next piece and they thought I had it!” He said.

“Well… don’t you…?” Vanyel asked. “I mean, my piece is here in our vault. Maybe that is why they haven’t attacked us. Maybe he’s not strong enough to come and attack this place, it would be suicide!”

“No.” Aiman replied. “I hid my piece long ago. Just because I believed someone would come looking for it. I just never thought that it would actually happen! I guess I took the farmer life for granted. Thought that as long my piece was hidden, there was nothing to worry about. I guess I was wrong. I paid for it in blood. Innocent blood. My wife’s blood. And if I don’t hurry, my daughter’s blood.”

Vanyel, surprised at the confession, responded, “Well, there’s only one thing to do. We need to avenege your family, get your daughter back and take back the first piece, for Mykael’s sake.”

Aiman nodded enthusiastically. “We leave at dawn, then?” He asked.

Vanyel’s nod was firm and confident.

The two set out for a trek of revenge and rescue. Vanyel knew where this hooded man was hiding and he knew that only a small team of 2 would be able to infiltrate the hideout.

Once again Aiman set out at dawn’s first light, only this time he had one of his best friends with him, also a competent warrior.

They walked for 2 days before they reached the Wet River. Once they crossed they traveled north for 3 more days towards the Lake of the Long Arm. Finally they reached the town on Nathlekh in the middle of the night.


Erlkazar Aiman