Half-orc Monk, follower of Hoar


Xu’ukra: Half-Orc Monk.

Age: 17; Height: 7ft; Weight: 345 lbs; Hair: Grey, Trim; Eyes: Black; Skin: Grey/Dark Green

Medium, Darkvision 60 feet, Weapon Familiarity (Half-orc), Orc Ferocity, Orc Blood

Attribute List
Str 20 +5
Dex 17 +3
Con 16 +3
Int 13 +1
Wis 20 +5
Cha 12 +1

Alignment: lawful neutral

Hit Die: d8

Hitpoints: 19

AC: 18

Initiative: +3

Saves: Fort +6, Ref +5, Will +8

Unarmed Strike: attack +5 or flurry of blows +3/+3, damage 1d6+5, special: Deals 1 fire damage the round after successful attack

CMB: +5

Skills: Acrobatics +7, Knowledge (history) +5, Perception +9, Sense Motive +9, Stealth +7 Languages: Common, Chondathan, Orc, Dwarven

Feats: Strong Soul, Deflect Arrows

Possessions: Phoenix Ash Threat (Monk’s Gloves), Kama, Shurikens, Monk’s Outfit, Silk Rope, Adventuring Gear, Trail Rations


Xu’ukra’s mother was a barbarian who often traveled to the mountains surrounding his birthplace of Furrowsrich, a small town in Erlkazar. This is where she fell in love with an orcish adventurer. Their love was forbidden by his kind, with whom he did not openly associate (he often traveled into Furrowsrich, but always lied to the town-folk, assuring he left his kin behind).

His mother could no longer stay in Furrowsrich, knowing she would be ostracized because of her love affair, because of the blood within Xu’ukra’s veins. They fled to the mountains, only to find the orc tribe to be hateful toward his choice of mate, branding his father with the mark of the impure and banishing him forever.

The harsh winter took it’s toll on the family, as they made their way deep into the mountains. They found refuge in the caves where they lived on vermin, muddy water and fungus. Even as spring came, the caves blew an unnatural cold wind, always on their backs… a sign of the apprehension to come. The foretelling of death.

Xu’ukra remembers only pieces of that fateful night. Peering through blood soaked eyes as he watched in horror, his mother literally drained of her essence. He could not turn away from the vampiric horror, deeply mesmerized by it’s gaze.

The already unclear details have only become more fuzzy over the years, and he does not remember the details of what happened to his father. The entire event is a blur, but his memory is once again sharp after waking in the hamlet of Aston’s Point. The church of Ilmater always took in and cared after the suffering. Somehow he had not been injured, but was none-the-less abandoned, scared and confused.

The church raised him from then on, swearing him to the oaths of The Crying God. Training him to face his fears, they placed him on the path of the monk to harness his pain. His dreams were always changing, the details of the moment always unclear. He sought help from the diviners who found his memories filled with images of undead. They were unable to find the truth, so they took action to condition him against the effects of death’s draining touch.

Years had passed and his training went well. He gained favor in the church, but Xu’ukra found the ways of Ilmater uninspiring. He hated the ways of martyrdom and found them weak. He craved to punish those that are unjust and did not care to show them the path of perseverance. When he spoke out against the ways of the church, he was excommunicated into the wild to once again fight the cold on his own.

He was not ready to face the mountains yet, and instead made his lust for vengeance an occupation. It was the livelihood of his breathless mother in which he found many small ways to avenge her and take his life back, the life of an adventurer. Hiring his hand to those who seek or fear vengeance in exchange for a small fee, but the coin is truly only to pay for his bread, the satisfaction of a fitting punishment is what drives him. The drive for poetic justice brought him to find a new deity: Hoar – The Doombringer.


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